Tuesday, February 3, 2009



A Chinese tattoo is very popular among many people across the world. Whether they be Chinese or not, everyone likes a Chinese tattoo. Although there is a little issue with that as some people who do not understand the Chinese alphabet consist on getting a Chinese tattoo anyway and they don't really know the meaning of the word.

An example of this was a caucasian girl with a Chinese tattoo that says, "Love birds," well that is what she thought it meant. It actually means in the Chinese langauge, 'You love birds' or 'You are a bird lover'. To get on the "dirty" side though, the Chinese tattoo that she thought meant "Love birds," also means "You love the male organ," which refers to the reproductive male organ.

If you want to get a Chinese tattoo, then make sure you either go to a Chinese tattoo artist or at least find out the meaning of the design first. You may check online for various websites offering the Chinese tattoo alphabet and dictionary where you can view what the design looks like and what the word really means so you are not stuck as a victim of a bad tattoo.

Chinese tattoos have grown in the past few years to be more popular as more people want Chinese tattoos. They are simple yet creative. Very unique designs for these words yet they actually mean something. If someone can get something so small for such a low price and a significant meaning, it has definitely got a great value behind it.

Another recent issue with a misunderstood Chinese tattoo happened to a man earlier in the year. He had gotten a Chinese tattoo in a Los Angeles tattoo parlour shop 4 years prior of the Chinese tattoo that stands for the term "One love". Last April, when he was shopping at a Staples Depot store, the shop clerk noticed his tattoo on his arm and exclaimed what it meant, "Love hurts" not "One love". He then consulted a few translators and it was confirmed that his Chinese tattoo was mislead to be "One love" while it really means "Love hurts". This tattoo was originally done to celebrate his love for his son in a positive gesture but has recently turned out to be a disappointment so he planned to remove the tattoo immediately.

So in the end you have to consider a Chinese tattoo to be a very confusing neighbourhood for tattooing and you have to make sure any Chinese tattoo you receive matches the definition that you wish to have so you don't end up stumped.